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Carbon Monoxide In Vehicle Exhaust (CO)

The following information is intended as a basic overview only and should not be used as a basis for guidelines for the safe handling and treatment to exposure. For more in depth information, always refer to the Current Product MSDS.

 Recommended Equipment

Solid state sensors are not normally capable of detecting low-level concentrations of Carbon Monoxide (CO) with reliability. However, when the overall vehicle exhaust is diluted in ambient air, the resulting "cocktail" of pollutant is easily detected and alarmed at low levels of CO.

The approach allows Analygas to measure for levels of CO with accuracy and reliability. The use of this mode allows low cost, long life solid state sensors to be used in enclosed parking areas to cycle ventilating fans only as required.

Whilst we believe the above information to be correct, InspecTech Analygas Group, or any of it's divisions make no representation as to it's accuracy.